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March 24, 2009


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My friend just showed me a book she did using Blurb and it turned out GREAT! I plan on doing one soon for my girls!
Thanks for sharing!


I love it! I also posted about it on my blog, thanks!

Kim @ The TomKat Studio

Great job! Your book is really cute! I haven't heard of blurb, but I will check it out! For Christmas, I made my MIL a book on Snapfish called "Christmas Eve at Gigi's" full of photos and a story about our traditions. It was a hit!


Good idea!!! I'm using Blurb for my moms birthday gift this year. The only problem is that it keeps telling me the resolution of my images is too low. did this happen to you? i'm trying to figure out how to change this or if it will still turn out fine if I dont change the pictures.

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I got your book today, and it looks great! I really liked the suggestions in the first chapter it makes me feel better about my recent failed ufo (not to worry its going to look great on my mom). Anyway, I can't wait to cast on my first project! Congrats!!


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My friend just showed me a book she did using Blurb and it turned out GREAT! I plan on doing one soon for my girls!
Thanks for sharing!

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