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August 12, 2009


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This idea is very cute - can you help me with the link to the actually party on the Parents site? I cannot seem to find it. Thank you!


I just love this idea! Goodness knows every household goes through their jelly and jam jars every year!

Myraim @ Entertaining w/ Style

I never thought of this before-- so clever and a simple do-ahead idea! Thanks for sharing!!


These are so cute! making healthier drinks to take along, instead of buying junky soft drinks... and they look adorable!

michelle {sweet mady paper + gifts}

So fun! Definitely will keep that idea in mind. Hope things are going well!


Heywire is hoping to speak to some of the young people who were at this meeting - (they're all flying to Canberra for the meeting) - in the meantime, everyone who wasn't invited along is welcome to drop usb a comment or two about where they are at in planning their Gap Year and what the part time job market is like in regional Australia!

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