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August 10, 2009


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Mindy Lockard

This is a fantastic tip! It's one extra little step to graciously say thank you!

I'm tucking this away!


This is, in general, a good idea.

However, I have to add that my rule is that thank-yous for new baby gifts will be sent for gifts given BEFORE the baby arrives. If you send something after the baby arrives, it's appreciated, but new moms have more important things to do than send thank yous. I also include in the note with any gift I send to a new mom (post-partum) that she should NOT send me a thank you note.

Your cool friend Cheryl

I do always wonder what I bought and how they look...like did the driver back over them or something?

Great tip!

baby hair bands

Great tip! However every gift was given personally. I'll do that when needed. =)

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