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November 17, 2011


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Sarah M.

I love chocolate and I love almonds...these sound fantastic!!


Ummm.... these look amazing and would be gone in a second in my house!!


Chocolate and almonds??!!! Yes please!!! (However...my thighs are saying "Don't you dare!!")


Almonds alone are great but adding chocolate is even better..this has made my day brighter!


Pick me!!! I love almonds and I love chocolate. I will proudly share them and will be so happy to be one of the 1st to try them.

Licia V

Yummy! Hope I win!!


Mmmm... Love chocolate!


I NEED Chocolate!


I didn't know they had come out with almond ones?! I got hooked on the reg milk choc ones earlier this year. It is hard to stop :-)

Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet)

I would eat these gladly :)!


Yummy, love me some chocolate!

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Yes please and thank you! :) madebymyrnie @ gmail(dot) com


These sound absolutely delicious!!! I would love to try them!


Bite sized almond and chocolate! YUMMY! Thank you!

Kristin Kraemer

YUM! Would it be bad to eat a whole bag, alone, in one sitting? because i know someone who could ;) ....ok, in the spirit of the holidays, i will share!!!


Wow. My favorite Hershey's bar is the milk chocolate almond bar. I can't believe they're coming out with Almond Pieces!

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Wow. My favorite Hershey's bar is the milk chocolate almond bar. I can't believe they're coming out with Almond Pieces!

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