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November 23, 2008


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michelle {sweet mady's paper}

Those are adorable and very creative!

Jamee Bryant

This is awesome!! I can't wait to see more pics from the party. Have fun!!


You are beyond awesome, Michelle. For a birthday that you weren't sure you were going to throw this year, I think you've outdone yourself.

* tonya *

The invitations are fantastic. I've been dying to see more on this theme you've chosen.

Can't wait to see more


Those are too cute! You are so creative!!! How fun!


Holy Smokes! I'm sure your guests were tickled to receive their invites. What a amazingly cleaver idea!

Can't wait to see more details from your festivities!


MUST you be so creative? REALLY? I literally took one look at those invites and couldn't even bring myself to read the post, it hurt too much. PAINFULLY creative and adorable. Of course now I am wondering, "Did she make those herself?", "Did she order them?", "What else does she have in store for this party?"....but I need a few moments (and an oxygen tank) before I can go back and actually READ the whole scoop. :)


I cannot WAIT to see the rest of this!


I have enjoyed reading all about your son's airplane birthday. I am so impressed by your creativity. I am planning an airplane party for my son's 4th birthday and would love more information on how you made the "airline ticket invitations" and how you created your very own logo.
Thanks so much!

l hall

Could you please send me the Publisher or PDF file that you used to make these invitations! They are GREAT!! I am planning my son's first birthday party.


Could you send me the File,info you used to make these invitations:) My sons Birthday party is 2 wks away and I am in love with your invitations



Also could you please tell me where you found the clear containers you put your food in with the label? I have been to Sam's Club and a GFS and neither have them?



Hello! My son and I were searching online for his birthday invitations for his 5th birthday. He saw these and wants them...nothing else will do.

Do you have a template you can email for the ticket? This is just so create!


Hi.. I'm wondering were you found the ticket? I'm trying to make one but were did you come across with that. I like that better??


Hello! I created that airplane ticket invitation. :) Just created it in

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 7:20 AM, wrote:


What did you use to start the invitation...I am looking alllllllllllll over publisher!! Help :)


I am also trying to create an invitation like this on publisher. Can you send me the file?


OK, can you please send me the file to make those invitations and stickers?!

Bec Cooper

wow those are awesome, i had the idea for ticket invites now i know how to do them!!
Bec - Kalgoorlie, Australia

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This is awesome!! I can't wait to see more pics from the party. Have fun!!

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Those are too cute! You are so creative!!! How fun!

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