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February 18, 2009


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Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs

This is soo awesome. Thanks for posting!


Ah - I can appreciate the plea. I've got a few closests in need of help as well! Love this chalk board paint idea. So coo!

Doreen @PetersonPartyof5

Love that..
I have the thought of the same but I need some inspirational ideas. I have been looking and am curious.. is chalkboard paint easy to paint over?
If so maybe the inside of a closet door might do the trick for "friendly reminders"...

Aaron Greenwood

I have converted a walk in closet into a craft room myself. I wish it were a bit bigger but it does the trick. I can send you photos soon if you would like!

Ajf 6

Music world, in the mind is free, you can go to try!

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oh so funny!

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Good suggestions as usual!

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My experience was similar to yours with the Secret Pal thing. I think I sent 4 packages too. Ab Fab is looking good. Are you carrying up the yarns? Wigwam is the absolute worst for weaving in. I suggest just knitting it with the next row.

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