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March 31, 2009


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Mrs. Petrie

How clever! I loved the way you carried the theme throughout. The variation on the diaper cake was a great way to present a gift.

Katie @ The Savvy Event

Everything is so cute! I have a friend who is having twins and cannot wait to throw her baby shower!




great work!Everything is so cute. LOVE the centepiece.

Chris@Celebrations At Home

Oh, this is so cute! Such adorable details.


I love your ideas. I'm getting ready to host a triplet baby shower. Can you tell me where you got the cute pea pod clip art?


I know this is more than a year ago since you posted, but I am throwing a shower for my SIL who is having triplets (no fertility either!). I am soooooooo excited to find your blog and see your ideas! Our dining rooms are very similar...you must live in an older house, as we do. Would you mind if I used some of your ideas? Where did you get the pea pod clip art?

Mick for Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

hi there,
this is a cute theme. i would'nt have thought of this myself since deciding on a theme for triplets is difficult. i've never done that in my entire life :D

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