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April 28, 2009


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You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success.

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I would add that a drunk person with a knife is a potential threat. If she mooved towards me I most likely would have shot her because I know just how quickly people can go from being acrossed the room to right beside you slashing and it scares me

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I am sorry to hear you say so, sir; but I assure you. excepting those little nervous headaches and palpitations, which I am never entirely free from anywhere, I am quite well myself; and if the children were rather pale before they went to bed, it was only because they were a little more tired than usual, from their journey and the happiness of coming.

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Now, I cannot say that I think you are any of you looking well at present.'I hope you will think better of their looks to-morrow; for I assure you Mr. Wingfield told me, that he did not believe he had ever sent us off, altogether, in such good case.

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At Christmas every body invites their friends about them, and people think little of even the worst weather. I was snowed up at a friend's house once for a week.

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We are sure of excellent fires,' continued he, 'and every thing in the greatest comfort.

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—it will be a small party, but where small parties are select, they are, perhaps, the most agreeable of any. Mr. Weston's dining-room does not accommodate more than ten comfortably

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Charming people, Mr. and Mrs. Weston;—Mrs. Weston indeed is much beyond praise, and he is exactly what one values, so hospitable, and so fond of society

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I'm creating a new blog about literature ( what I've read, what I'm reading), but I'm having trouble thinking of a title. I like the idea of something having to do with an obsession with literature but I think bookophilia is on the average side. What do you think of Litophilia? Is it too similar to "lithophilia" Which means the love of stones? Any ideas? Thanks!

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I want to start a blog about astrology so which blog would be the best choice?

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You are right that you need to write content, but that is not enough. You also need to do some blog promotion to get some initial visitors. If I were you I would sign up for a twitter account and start using it to promote all new posts.. . Commenting on other blogs is also a great way to get visitors, because blog comments normally have a back link to your site.

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Alain Grassi ha abandonado, lleva 2 días sin pasar por meta, suponemos que tendrá algún problema. Bernabé es el 3º seguido muy de cerca por Emoniere y Svensson, esperemos que no ceda la posición. Santiago Segui continúa 18º. En la marcha de las mujeres, donde no tenemos representantes sigue liderando Mizera,que tímidamente

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Emoniere y Svensson, esperemos que no ceda la posición. Santiago Segui

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Although again sweet candy, also has a bitter day.

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wow this idea is so cool! I would definitely do this when summer comes. My daughter will be thrilled with this. She loves going to school but summer would be more appealing to her when she sees something like this at the front door. Thank you very much for sharing this to us, your readers.

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This is a great idea to make kids take off the stress from school. Wish my mom did this when I was young. A welcome banner would be very much welcomed.

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