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July 08, 2009


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Brooke M.

What an awesome find!! LOVE these! LOVE everything in her shop. These are great. Thank you, thank you for the new discovery! :)


Gosh I wish these things were around when I was planning my wedding! So lovely!


beautiful! I love them.

Steven Hocsak "chip" U4YAH band

“It's a free for all!”


Hello! Everyone is welcome to visit the U4YAH WEBSITE, Free downloads and no questions to answer and no money to fork out!
My name is Steven but no one calls me that. My nick name is Chip given to me by my father and I never heard him call me anything but Chip even until the day he died in June of 2000. If you call me by the name of Steven I probable will not turn around thinking you are calling a name intended to get the attention of someone else, other than me.
I have been in a few bands in my lifetime After the last road band that I was in disband. I found a new love in my musical journey. Alone... starting all over as many musicians that have can relate to. It became depressing, it was: “back to square one again!”
As a songwriter I have always been searching for the perfect to use as lyrics for the songs I compose. One Day in the loneliness of my room I was reading my God's words in the Psalms from my Bible and suddenly I realized that I was reading perfect words that were perfect lyrics to a perfect song. It had to be! This song was composed by Yah himself. And God Gave this song to His servant David, to Give unto the children of Yah. Alas! I had found the perfect lyrics to a song that had no music. The dream of dreams for a songwriter! And it was right there before me. An undone chore that no one had stepped up to to the plate to perform as the duties of the chore require for the job to be properly done. The Psalms (all of them not just a few of them) being put to music in song is in demand spiritually for all of mankind but has it has no supply to feed the world's need for it. Consequently the world has not discovered it's impoverishment for this. But according to the law of supply and demand: the Psalms being put to music in song should be hungrily sought after. However there is a partial “supply”. The words are there in the Bible.
I set myself in a path to do this to please my God, to have a purpose to serve my God in my life. This has become the very best work that I have done and accomplished in my lifetime, but the journey of life continues and I seek to do even better in the upcoming productions of the Psalms. I began to compose music to the Psalms that are in the Bible after much personal strife and misfortune that overshadowed my life. This was due to my searching in the Word of Yah (God's name as David called him in Psalm 68:4 ... by his name "JAH"...") of comfort, forgiveness and redemption. Little did I realize that by doing this I would require special Wisdom from God to do this, but when I cried out for this wisdom Understanding suddenly came accompanying Wisdom. It was truly an unexpected blessing that is still changing my walk in the way as Yah said we should walk.
Yes! I do believe in the Messiah as being Yahoashu, who is the Word become flesh. His name translated into English is: “Yah is our salvation”. To follow Yahoashua is to follow the Word of Yah, for Yahoashua is the Word of Yah.
Of course there are claims of Psalms being put to music, but these so called psalms have altered God's Word by adding words to fit the music and left out words, phrases, sentences and some only repeat a certain amount of sentences over and over again producing a song that, in essence, is not a song but is only a repeating musical groove. These songs claiming to be Psalms are not Psalms but only part of the Psalms. For the Psalms are God's word and God's word must always be presented as a whole and accurate document to what God has said. To do more than this or to do less than this is a sin. God said that he hates it when part of his word is added to or left out and he strongly warns us not to do this. Yet his warning is repeatedly ignored. They did not present God's Word pure and whole they changed it. Technically this is called “blasphemy” (changing the Word of Yah). This is the Error which that led up first sin of mankind that was done by Adam and Eve, when Eve change God's Word by adding to it: “...neither shall you touch it, lest you die.” God did not say do not touch it this is something that Eve preconceived of her instruction. It was “private interpretation as it is called.
The way that I see it, (my opinion), is that reading a Psalm to a live audience is live a band on stage only reading the words to popular songs in front of a packed house. It is a foolish thing to do. It is not how the song should be presented nor is it the way that it is intended to be presented! It is a song and songs are sung and music usually accompanies them even though it is pleasingly suitable to preform them in acappella form, but the vocal dynamics from the singer then are required have more precision by standing alone to become entertaining and please the audience. Either way songs are not spoken, only in rapp are they and I really do not want to get into the discussion of this. All I will say is that rapp reminds me of counting potatoes when we were children to achieve a random elimination... “one potato, two potato, three potato, four... five potato six potato, seven potato, ore.”
These Psalms should be attentively listened and enjoyed without any distractions. The reason being: “The Psalms are songs of worship given to us by God. Songs whose words please Yah for they are righteous and holy words without error to cry unto Yah with for his defense, help and forgiveness. Typically people listen to music while having discussions of sorts or while doing other things. And the music only becomes a pleasant background noise to fill the air, covering the silence that that is around us. I strongly suggest that you would meditate upon the words that God gives us and examine how these words can direct your life to bring you closer to YAH. These words are words of wisdom. Try to understand that if you carry a conversation while listening to the Psalms, would that not be impolite and disrespectful? For the words being sung are God speaking instructions to those seeking his face. Would that not be disrespectful to talk over someone trying to speak to you? Would it not be you showing that you do not care what that one is saying to you. Would it not also be a sign showing that you ignore that one? Please consider this! Join in when you have learned the music and let us all praise our God together.
Some Psalms may at first sound "scary" but they are not! The things that one hears that make it seem to be Scary are a warning that is directed to those that set themselves against Yah by ignoring his warning from straying away from His ways, by adopting the ways of another that is other than Yah's ways. Those who do wickedly and enjoy living a life of wickedness ignoring the ways of God. The scary things are meant for them and not you who choose to follow the way of Yah. The scary things are warnings for us, so that we do not to fall into a trap that is set to ensnare God's children preventing them from eternal happiness - they are not threats. The scary things do not apply to those who seek and serve YAH, but they are for those who do not do this not heeding God's warnings. This should bring you joy making you happy that our God Yah loves us so much that he warns us how not to have these horrible thing from happening to us. Jump for joy! YAH has only good things in store for those who seek to love, serve, obey and be true unto him.
To find these Psalms for download or to listen go to ReverbNation.com In the reverbNation search engine type in u4yah (lowercase). This will bring you to U4YAH band's web site. To enter the site for listening and downloading click on the band's name: u4yah. Now you are taken to the next page and you will see all the songs for listening or for download.
For listening click on queue all songs. This loads all of the songs to a site music player widget. The widget can only be obtained by allowing the popup blocker to allow this popup. The music player is a 'widget' which consequently is a popup screen. It works as all players do no explanation is needed for you to follow.
For downloading: the four button to the right is an arrow pointing downward. Click on this button to download the song. Each song must be downloaded separately. Just follow directions that are given as you proceed through the download process. This is a free download at this time take advantage of it.
The button that looks like a lower case letter “i” next to the envelope symbol (for emailing the song to a friend) this brings up a window (another popup window) that has the entire lyrics written out for you to read.
The “+” button is for bookmarking this page or song.
What are you waiting for? You ain't there yet? Get a move on why don'cha'?
This is Given to you with love,

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