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July 08, 2009


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Jennifer Gesch

What a cute idea! Such a bright and colorful party! Love the idea of the "fill up your own sippy" as a favor bag!!!!


Thanks for the feature and the kind words...I had so much fun putting it together! :)


Sarah! You are famous!! : )

Kim @ The TomKat Studio

Sarah did a wonderful job on this party! She is such a sweet person, and wrote to me to show me all the items "inspired" by The TomKat Studio! I have a post ready on this party too! I love the beverage jars & drink labels she did! A new party girl among us... :)

Kim @ The TomKat Studio

PS. Michelle, thank you for the credits and the links! You are fabulous, my dear tweeting friend!

michelle {sweet mady paper + gifts}

Fabulous party! I love the idea of a sip and see party. We did this when my twins were born and it was great.


I love this idea, I blogged about it on http://teaminhoff.blogspot.com

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Fabulous party! I love the idea of a sip and see party. We did this when my twins were born and it was great.

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