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August 16, 2009


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michelle {sweet mady}

My sweet mady is going to be a flower girl this fall and these are gorgeous! I may have to share the link with the bride. So sweet and I love that she can keep it :)

Carin Lynn

So Cute!

Brenda Moore

Hi Thanks for looking at our bouquets and including them on your blog. The link you listed is for my sister, not our shop (she does sell bouquet too though). To find these bouquets they are at http://reallybadkitty.etsy.com.

flowers to Philippines

I never seen this before.Hope i can make one.


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These are adorable!! I was just trying to find a way to make fake flowers for a centerpiece, but I think these will be better than paper. Great way to use thrift store buttons, or any buttons you don't have a use for. Great post, thanks for sharing such a cute idea!

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