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April 16, 2010


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I am so the worst Goodwill shopper! I know there are treasures to be found, I just always seem to miss them! But on day! One day I will find something great!

Tiffanie Burger

My Goodwill experience involved needing a dress for a 70's theme party. My sister and I went to one and found great disco dresses with chiffon 'ponchos'. We looked the part and had a great time in our $4 dresses! :)

Your recent entries about GW have inspired me to seek out my nearest one and I plan to visit them this weekend. Thanks!

Kim S.

The goodwill by our house is super friendly as well. My favorite find would be all the great quality clothes I find for my kiddos. I love that after they out grow them I can donate it right back.


What a great give away! I usually bring my clothes that don't fit - haven't worn in a while down to donate. Your blog has inspired me though to go find some diamonds in the rough!

Stefanie Navarro AKA Dylan's mom
Middle TN :)

Stefanie N

Woops! Forgot to say that the Good Will has a great staff - Always helpful! Oh and it doesn't hurt they think Dylan is sweet so we get extra good service! hee hee

Joanne Kennedy

GoodWill is a wonderful place and I go there as often as I can. In fact, today is a day I'm headed there.

I always try to drop off something there when I'm going shopping. That way I make room for new stuff I find.

Now that I'm losing weight I find I have lots of clothes to bring. I also have a lot of stuff from cleaning out my garage.

I also like to shop there first before I go to the stores. Would rather purchase something for much less, help to recycle and help the cause then buy new.

Thanks for posting about this. The more people that shop and donate there the better.

Also, would love to win the gift card as I promise it would go to good use :)



I always feel like I'm on a treasure hunt when I enter Goodwill! I recently found a Radio Flyer tricycle that retails for over $60 for just $10 and it was brand new!!!! I also get great deals on clothing and I have a 21 month old who is growing so fast and the deals and quality at Goodwill help my family tremendously!!!!


never been but seeing all the good project ideas online we are excited to give "thriftin" a try!

Melissa Campbell

Pick me! Pick me! I don't go to GW that often, but you have inspired me to give it a fresh new look. Funny story....last Christmas my daughter (age 10) was in a play and needed some fancy grown up shoes. So I decided to take her to GW to see if we could find anything. This crazy shoe fetish girl FELL IN LOVE with all the shoes, although most of them were quite worn out. We were able to find some for her play, and then she was trying on others. We actually ended up buying another pair of school shoes, which actually looked better than the ones she was wearing! Ha! Love your blog!



LOVE how you turn Goodwill finds into such cool things! I've always dealt with such nice people when donating at Goodwill! Oh... and I'm from Middle Tennessee!


I LOVE GOODWILL!!! That is my guilty pleasure when I escape the house all alone. ;-) This past weekend I bought a whole new summer wardrobe for $38!! Gap, Abercrombie, AE....the list goes on..most for 88 cents each!! Awesome giveaway. :-)


My local Goodwill has a clearence center. Back befoe Christmas I had been seeing those mini cake plates made out of cheese domes...you know the ones. I walked in the clearence center and found everything I needed to make them. Dome, plate and candle stick for around $2.50. Gave the mini cakeplate to a friend for Christmas and she said it was her favorite gift. I love the Goodwill!


I became a fan on Facebook! I'm excited to browse all your great ideas.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Not a native of Tennessee. I've had some good experiences at Goodwill, but I guess most recently I saw something that I didn't get, although I had picked it up a couple of times and looked at it. Of course, after I got home the ideas started flowing. I had my fingers crossed it would still be there and when I went back a couple of days later ~ it was! I was so happy to find this silly thing, but it will be transformed into a great gift for my son.


I found a great blouse and the staff was so helpful and the place was very clean. I live in PA


I <3 Goodwill! And I agree, the staff is always friendly and helpful. I can usually find the odds and ends I'm looking for at Goodwill.

I also love that there is a drive through drop off location basically just around the corner from me! (near the intersection of OHB & Nolensville Rd). And the Melrose store is always very pleasant to shop at, clean and bright and organzied.

The Green Yak

I love my local Goodwill (central Austin)! My most recent great experience was last weekend, when I went with a few friends. I found a beautiful red purse and a pair of dangly silver earrings. I've gotten so many complements on both :-)

Rachel Lynn

I love stopping by the goodwill. I'm another that drops off and buys all in one trip! I have another bunch to take over soon.

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