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November 09, 2010


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Sarah M.

Ohhh...I would LOVE to bake with these. Please enter me!!

Jennifer L.

They sound delicious! My favorite Hershey's product is Mr. Goodbar. :)


wow...those look intersting...i would love to try them!!!

Stephanie Click

Yummy! I love good ol' milk chocolate with almonds! I've never tried cookies n creme - maybe I need too!!!


oh i so want to try these! yes, organic girl is signing in. do not faint!! xox


doh! i need to actually FOLLOW instructions. i got sidetracked by the chocolate. my fave? absolutely plain hershey's chocolate bars. frozen. then shared. at sundance films.


Ohhhhhhhh.....I can taste them! Possibly mixed in rice krispy treats?!? YUMMM! And my FAVE Hershey treat is those milk chocolate nuggets with almonds and toffee! Staring at some right now! :)


p.s. above comment has no name...duh....Jill W. at [email protected]


Have been wanting to try these since I saw the ads begin a while back. Yummo! so far my fave is the plain old Hershey chocolate bar....we'll see if these beat em out:!


What a fun giveaway...I'm a plain Hershey bar kinda girl!


Oh those look so yummy!!
I'm with you on the Hershey with almonds, so delich!


These look quite interesting, curious to see what the "shell" is like. My all time favorite hershey candy is their peanut butter cups!!! However, you can't go wrong with a classic bar on a s'more either.


Oooh! I love chocolate! And I love everything Hershey's! [email protected]


if I had to pick just one product, it would be the classic milk chocolate bar but I will admit to stealing all of the cookies and cream bars out of my kids Halloween baskets!

Cindy Williams

I love hersheys with almonds my personal favorite


What a great giveaway! I love Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate

sweetone62406 at hotmail.com

Marti Lugli

Hersheys Almond Bar


Wow this is awesome! I have never heard of these! My favorite Hershey's product is the always good Hershey Milk Chocolate candy bar :)

[email protected]


I'm a huge fan of Hersheys cookies n cream!



Here's my info:

Michelle Mospens
[email protected]


I love Hershey Kisses. I could eat the whole bag...by myself...
Please enter me!
Tophnem at gmail dot com

Rusti Michael

These sound yummy! My favorite Hershey candy is the Jolly Rancher and I also like Kisses. Any kind of candy is a little piece of heaven:)

Rebecca Jahnke

These look awesome! I would love to try them, my son would go crazy over the cookies and cream ones! My all time favorite is the Hersheys special dark chocolate, but I love all Hersheys candy! YUM!

Marcia MacNiven

I am a big fan of the classic full size Hershey Bar. I've used them numerous times for a candy favor for my kids' baptisms & b'day parties! Please enter me!

Karon Warren

Nothing beats the classic Hershey milk chocolate candy bar!! Although Hershey with almonds is pretty good, to!

Kristin Wilson

Oh yummy! Hershey with almonds is my favorite too!! I also like just plain chocolate!! My husband is a cookies and creme nut - so either would be right up our ally! I've got to try them!!

Cineca Newburn

Yum!!! The mini hersheys kisses with the candy coating are my favorite!

A. Metz

My popcorn is NEVER complete w/out it's compliment and my favorite - Hershey's chocolate with or w/out almonds! If you haven't tried it, you don't know what's missing. It's gotta be Hershey's to get the perfect smooth, sweet vs. salty bite.

Sherry Kaufman

So excited to try these to make "owl eyes" with them - sounds like a winner! My favorite Hershey product is the Symphony Bar - yummmmm

Danyiel Johnson

Almond Joy...I love coconut.
[email protected]


Send me some Hershey's chocolate LOVE please! These sound great!
Pink Party Girl


yum....would love to try them...chocolate n almonds .....:)


As a mother of four teenagers, I can attest that there have been times that HERSHEY's chocolate has been a necessity in my day. ( : I LOVE Hershey's with almonds, and for years we have put M & M's in our popcorn, whether we are at the movies or at home. I think the chocolate drops will be the new addition, as they look like they would be "teenager" size. Can't wait to try these.


I'm a milk chocolate with almonds fan (Oh, or Almond Joy)! :) yum! Can't wait to try these.
[email protected]

Connie Huntington

Chocolate drops? What could be more heavenly?! I would love to try them. My fav is the kisses with the cherry center. Thanks for considering me.
[email protected]


Since I love chocolate it is hard to pick a favorite, I'll just have to go with the kisses...delicious AND fun. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway :)


They look delicious. I am a huge chocoholic! I would love to try them. They look delicious.


I love white chocolate bars with nuts when you can find them!


Chocolate drops! What could be better? I'm a chocoholic so I can't choose just one. My faves are chocolate and almonds, special dark, and the kisses with peanut butter inside.
Thank you for considering me in your giveaway. I love your blog! You inspire me everyday.
[email protected]

Cheryl Woda

Yummy!! I love Hershey's chocolate..and this looks soooo good !
[email protected]

Norma  Stepp

Love you bLog Michelle and chocolate!!! Thanks for all the inspirations!!!


Wow!! my favorite is the candy bar..oh, no !! all the products ;)
Thanks Michelle and Hersheys !


Wow! My favorite is the candy bar, oh no ! all the products ;)
Thanks Michelle and Hersheys
[email protected]


I'd LOVE to try these. There are so many Hershey products that I love: Hershey Extra Dark, Hershey Special Dark, Almond Joy, Reese's Cups, Skor, Whopper's, and York Peppermint Candies. =)

Domestic Me
[email protected]

Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet)

Chocolate in a cute bite-size package? Sign me up...my favorite Hershey? I love Hershey Kisses, especially the peppermint ones that come out at Christmas!


These would be a great addition to my "crack" snack mix! I think Hershey's Almonds can't be beat but I also know I went through 30 good ole fashioned Hershey Bars for smores this weekend for my kid's football party. (it was big) Pretty hard to beat the classic but I am willing to try!!!
From one of the world's chocolate lovers!
Did I mention I love FREE!!!

Tina Piepenbrok

Yummy cookies & cream sounds good. Hershey bar in smores from a bonfire is my favorite. [email protected]. Tina Piepenbrok


Cookies and cream hershey's bar is my favorite by far!
meghanxcarr at gmail dot com


I love the Skor bar. We use it instead of milk chocolate when we make our s'mores. SOOO yummy!


There aren't many Hershey candy bars that I don't like!! With that said, it's a toss up between Almond Joy and Heath bars.

Ashley Elizabeth

Heck yes. I'm a peppermint kiss girl, but I never turn down chocolate.


My fave Hershey's product is the hershey bar w/almonds- yum!

-Monica @ MonicaWantsIt.com


Yummy!! If a cookies and cream bag finds it's way to me i'd give it a good home :-)

Dawn G

I just picked up a bag of candy cane kisses - true love! Thanks for the chance to win!

Dawn G
[email protected]

Renee F.

I love the dark chocolate hershey bar. YUMM


hershey's special dark is my favorite...would love to try these!


Those look so yummy right now. Hope I win a bag!! My fav Hershey has always been a tossup between a DARK bar or KISSES. Depends on the mood I'm in. :-)


These look so yummy! My personal fave is the Hershey's bar with Almonds!

Jaimie G.

My favorites are Almond Joy and York Patties but who am I kinding....I would eat them all!! YUMMY!

Emily DeFazio

Oooh... Sounds super yummy! There isn't a whole lot of Hershey's candy I don't looove but Milk Duds win out!!!

Momma McCall

These look good! My favorite Hershey's product is probably Mr. Goodbar.


These sound wonderful!

My favorite Hershey's is the Special Dark miniatures.

cindy riley

I love the Hershey milk chocolate Treasures. I use them a lot with personalized wrappers for party favors. [email protected]

Amy R.

Hershey bar w/ almonds. Divine!

Kelly Lewis

My kids would love these (of course the husband too). Looks wonderful!!!

Jordana @ White Cabana

What a sweet giveaway! I'm a fan of Hershey's cocoa.

whitecabana at gmail

Pat Hines

Yum...love to try these. My favorite Hershey bar would have to be the almond bar.


My favorite is the original Hershey bar, one square for you and two squares for me!

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