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November 02, 2011


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Just checked out Tiny Prints.. they are all so beautiful, so hard to choose! If I were to win, I would pick "Banner of Dreams," love, love, love the rounded edges and vintage look!

stephanie Grimm

adore Tiny Prints! I am always suggesting clients get their kids invites. Personally I would LOVE the circle christmas card! they are so fun! you could even laminate them and turn the extras into coasters at the holiday party! instant decor.

Betsy Combs

I love tiny prints and actually used them last year! There is one called LAUGHING ALL THE WAY! which I made and saved last night! Wild you posted this today! Debating if this is what I want to do because I usually order 100! 50 free would be awesome!!!! Love your blog too!


I am in *lovelovelove* with the circle cards!!! You could even hang them on your tree. I love Booming Blossoms, but Christmas Flourish would go better with our family pic. :-) Studio Shots would also look good. Excitement!

Stacy Stiles

I have never ordered from Tiny Prints before, but I have heard the quality is outstanding and I would love to win this so I can find out for myself! With so many design choices, it's hard to narrow my favorites down. Love Banner of Dreams and Chic Sophistication is awesome too. :)

Tammy M

I will either get the Dramatically framed or Counted blessings. Love the print on the back of the cards too!! :)

danielle gaulden

Merry-making is in my favorites folder as I type this.

Crystal Sturgis

I love, love, LOVE the trifold ones! I think Merrily Woven or Season Highlights are my favorites. I also like Always Merry Happy. These are SO cute!! and I am needing to pick and order some cards by the end of the weekend. perfect timing. I would love 50 free ones too. ;)

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I ADORE so many of them... Retro Wishes, Banner of Dreams, Joyous Noel, Lasting Links, Royal Ornament, Yappy Howlidays, Decorative Scroll, Studio Shots, Fun Fair Isle. When it comes down to it, though, I think I would probably go with Studio Shots! LOVE!


there are too many to pick from. I think i like the "colored Collar" best!


Love the circle one Merry Love :) Thanks and


Oooooooh! Awesome giveaway! I love "Merry Love". What a fabulous idea! I love the colors too.

Terri Argo

Love, Love, Love Tiny Prints and the "Seasonal Frame", so simple and sweet to house just the perfect pictures from a wonderful someone!!

Elizabeth E.

Hmm...tough decision! I like the "Banner of Dreams" Christmas card...I'll just need to take a photograph as cute as the one they feature on their website!

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I think that wove merrily or season highlights are the Favorites. "Happy birthday". This so cute.

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