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December 04, 2011


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Brittany @GreyGrey Designs

Super smart idea Michelle!

Kori Clark

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!




That is SUCH a great idea. WAY cute too! Thanks tons, I'll be linking.


So cute. I'm doing it this year.


I love this idea! We don't have a tree skirt, but I was going to buy one this year. They are just so expensive! But I have plenty of empty boxes hanging around and tons of wrapping paper. I am definately doing this!! Thanks for sharing!

Tiffanie Burger

This idea rocks!!! It's a perfect solution for the tree here at work!! Thanks!

Eloise Blackwell

What a great idea! Love it so much I am sharing it on my Willow House fb business page. Thanks!

Sandy Ang

Such a neat idea !

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Wildcat's Wife

Love it!!

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loved this when I saw it! And I SO want the table too! lol... p.s. I love your new pic ;o)

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